Party Card Games

When hosting a party, it is often important to have some sort of background game that the party goers can enjoy. Although many sorts of games are suitable for such occasions, sometimes, card games are sought. The difficulty with employing card games is that these are often designed for a fairly limited number of participants. Thus, poker can be played easily with four players or even more but twenty players is probably too much. This is true even if the number of decks used is increased appropriately (the game could still be played, but each round becomes fairly long and drawn out with many players folding outright).

Card Games for Bigger Party Groups

There are specific card games which are indeed designed for larger groups of players. Specific card games can be fun and very entertaining but they require the preparation of having acquired the special game deck in the first place. Such card games which are suitable for smaller groups and are known for being quite a bit of fun are games like TAKI, or SET. In addition, there are special card games which are suited for quite large groups. These are card games where a task is portrayed on the card which the person drawing it must perform or cards that involve storytelling regarding the picture drawn on the card. There are also cards where various forms of charades are required from the players. Such card games encourage creativity and can be a great ice breaker at certain occasions. Even if you don't posses a special deck, there are some fun games that you can play with regular deck of cards.

Cards and Spoons

There are some fun games that are well suited for large groups and do not require any special deck of cards. For example, the game of spoons is just such a game. This game is a sort of musical chairs game where the other necessary utensil for the game (aside from a deck of playing cards) is a number of spoons equal to one less than the number of players. The cards are handed out and the each player passes one card to his left. The first player to get a four of a kind grabs a spoon. At this point all players make a grab as well and the one player who doesn't have a spoon is the loser.